Photometry Filter

Lumen (lm)Colour Temperature (K)DistributionIESBIM
4,0203,000Asymmetric - DALI Dimmable
4,2054,000Asymmetric - DALI Dimmable
3,6853,000Asymmetric - Midnight
3,8304,000Asymmetric - Midnight
5,7703,000Street - DALI Dimmable
5,9754,000Street - DALI Dimmable
4,9003,000Street - Midnight
5,1004,000Street - Midnight

Key Features

TARSIUS is equipped with a swivel adjustable with a pitch of 10°. A product designed to illuminate public areas, squares, car parks, cycle paths, it is also available in a version with smart driver which self-reduces the flow after midnight. TARSIUS is normally installed on poles with a height ranging between 4 and 8 meters.



Asymmetric - DALI Dimmable
Asymmetric - Midnight
Street - DALI Dimmable
Street - Midnight


Die-cast body and flange made of aluminium alloy with very low copper content. High reflection anodized aluminium reflector. A4 Stainless steel screws. Gore valve to prevent condensing. The product is subjected to galvanic anodizing treatment divided into distinct phases: mechanical satin finishing, surface degreasing, anodic oxidation and finally fixing. Subsequently the product is painted by performing a double pass in-line process, which allows you to generate a single thick protective layer which then generates barrier against atmospheric agents and UV rays. This allows to achieve corrosion resistance performance in salt spray. PMMA diffuser Pre-treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is carried out on the surface before gluing of the diffuser on  products.

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Lighting Design

Holophane offer a comprehensive and professional lighting design service. Our experienced and qualified lighting designers are on hand to provide full project support ranging from simple calculation plots to full complex lighting designs.


Product Matching

Holophane’s history lies in it being the first company to give practical application to the principles of the prism as the ultimate means of light control, harnessing and redirecting the output of light source by prismatic means to provide the best in cost effective, efficient lighting.


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